Always looking forward, always improving today

Future focused

We’ve always been future-focused, and our passion for research and development continues to generate game-changing new products and processes.

Innovative mindset

Our 50 years of market leadership has been rooted in a dedication to high-quality products backed by exceptional service. But it’s also a reflection of our commitment to innovation and improvement: to always wanting to develop a better-performing window, to building a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, or to invest in a more eco-friendly powdercoating process.

Test-bed for new technology

You can clearly see that innovative mindset in our award-winning Centre of Innovation in Hamilton, a showpiece of cutting-edge APL technology. This dedicated research, development and testing facility is a “test-bed” for new technology and ensures that our window systems are designed and tested to conform to the toughest New Zealand standards.

Read the stories below to find out more about how we strive to find new ways of doing things - always look forward, always improving today.

Quality control

A major reason for APL’s strong market position is our attitude towards quality control.  We bring all our key processes in-house through a vertically integrated network to ensure quality standards are maintained. We have the scale and strategic capability to make these investments – from aluminium extrusion, to specialised manufacture of componentry, to in-house surface finishing and glass production. We even handle delivery, courtesy of a nationwide distribution fleet. 

Total transparency

For added reassurance, all our Residential Series, Metro Series and APL Architectural Series Ranges are now ‘Declared’ by the International Living Future Institute. It means we’re being measured by an industry-recognised tool that requires us to be totally transparent about where our products come from and their ingredients.


National Release of ThermalHeart+®

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APL parent company wins Supreme Award

Profile Group was the Supreme Winner at the recent annual Waikato Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

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Talk about transparency

For many companies, innovation is something that happens behind closed doors. Not at APL.

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Breaking new ground

In a way, APL's forthcoming new headquarters at Hautapu represents a kind of homecoming.

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Put it to the test

We're so committed to continuous improvement, we've built New Zealand's most sophisticated test booth.

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Cube it

APL has a history of breaking new ground in our industry such as introducing New Zealand’s first vertical powdercoat ‘Cube’.

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A win, win, win

Most design departments face the same three challenges when developing new products. At APL, our designers were quick to embrace 3D printing.

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Getting to grips with poor air

APL provides support for Massey University’s ‘Healthy Schools’ project, aiming to improve air quality in New Zealand classrooms.

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