Introducing ThermalHeart+®

Ambitiously forward thinking

We are proudly ahead of the game with the NZBC H1 clause changes, by releasing ThermalHeart+® - a range of code meeting, industry-leading, and thermally efficient products designed and made in New Zealand.

ThermalHeart+® is APL's new thermal technology for windows and doors, consisting of thermally efficient frames, The AGP System™ glass, and the innovative Centrafix™ installation method.

Years in the making, this launch is designed to be a complete thermal system with each component contributing to the overall performance when they all work together. By combining ThermalHEART® frames with The AGP System™ glass, the result is a remarkable impact on thermal performance - almost doubling the performance of standard aluminium joinery, creating warmer, drier and healthier homes1 . With the innovative Centrafix™ installation method, thermal performance is further increased by over 20%2 . A comprehensive ThermalHeart+® website is now live with more information.

Choose your option

Updated ThermalHEART® frames have been designed in three ranges that share the same core design principals. This allows for exceptional versatility across the full range of products. All three ranges can be used within one project and maintain a consistent look. This innovative way of design ensures all projects can be thermally efficient while meeting unique aesthetic and budget preferences. 

Second series to launch

Metro Series ThermalHEART® is the latest range to launch, designed for larger window and door formats compliant in Extra High wind zones. This new range caters for doors up to 2.7m high in demanding environments and features a full portfolio of products. This release follows Residential Series ThermalHEART® range for mainstream housing applications, which launched at the end of 2022.

To compliment this range launch, the Metro Series ThermalHEART® with Centrafix™ is now live too. Centrafix™ is a new BRANZ Appraised installation method that recesses the window or door back inside the building, minimising thermal losses which occur in a typical installation. This aligns all insulation elements – wall, window frame, glazing – and prevents cold air from circulating around the window and door frames, therefore offering a ‘passive house’ capability. In addition to its attractive recessed, mid-position frame, Metro Series ThermalHEART® with Centrafix™ offers highly simplified onsite window and door installation to greater improve site productivity. Much of the laborious weather sealing currently associated with E2 AS1 installation practices for standard windows are unnecessary with Centrafix™.

More to come

“These releases mark a comprehensive redesign and repositioning of our product portfolio,” said APL Window Solutions CEO, Dave Downey. “The tougher H1 standard validated where we thought the industry was heading, we’re proud of our ability to meet industry requirements, at all levels of product performance.”

Dave said the next release would be the launch of APL Architectural Series ThermalHEART® in the final quarter of 2023. This will bring APL’s top-end market leader for architecturally designed homes and apartments into the ThermalHeart+® family. 

Specifier resources

1 Comparison figures are based on complete thermal modelling of an average house lot of Metro Series ThermalHEART® products with The AGP System™ double glazing using the WEERS modelling methodology. The benchmark figures were calculated by modelling the same average house lot of products using the equivalent non-thermally broken products glazed with standard double glazing. A “standard aluminium window or door” refers to a non-thermally broken aluminium frame with standard double glazing.
2 Centrafix™ comparison figures are based on complete thermal modelling of an average house lot of products installed in 90mm timber framing. The standard installation benchmark was calculated by modelling the same house lot of comparable products using a typical E2/AS1 cavity construction installation on 90mm timber framing.