Who we are

At APL, we like to say that we brighten Kiwi homes. How so? When you boil it down, we design, develop and supply window and door systems for the New Zealand building industry – and we do it in a way that makes the journey as straightforward as possible for our partners and their home-building customers.
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Culture and investment

Our strong culture of excellence, vertical supply chain and investment in our people, partnerships and communities have helped us to become New Zealand's leading window and door specialists.  We refuse to be complacent though. We are always looking forward, always improving today for the future of the environments we live in.

Our partners

At APL, we maintain a wide range of partnerships within the building industry.  We supply independently-owned manufacturers, all over the country, as well as in some areas of the South Pacific. These dedicated operators work on a wide variety of residential and commercial projects and are the exclusive suppliers of APL products through our three brands: Altherm, First and Vantage. They share our commitment to excellence and our spirit of innovation.

A family

A big family – that’s the workplace culture at APL. We’re from unique backgrounds with diverse skills, but we share some common values. Excellence. Pride in our work. Appreciation of the contribution each makes. And an ambition to keep improving, reinforced by a management mindset that encourages our people to keep learning and moving forward in their careers.

Our people

Like any good family, we look after each other – in every sense. Our unique health and wellbeing programme, Hauora, incorporates the four key dimensions that constitute a person’s wellbeing: the physical, the mental and emotional, and the social and spiritual. We dedicate each month to a new health and wellbeing theme, supported throughout the year by concrete initiatives.

Keeping everyone safe

For a workplace to be truly healthy, it must also be safe. Our Haumaru team provides the company with valuable advice and guidance about safe work practices, legislative requirements and environmental recommendations. Working hand-in-glove with our Hauora representatives, they take pro-active measures to reduce incident and injury rates. Because people come first, always.


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