A roundabout path to his dream job

Taku took a roundabout path to his dream job

APL commercial draughtsman Taku had plenty of family precedent for his current role. His maternal grandfather was a draughtsman for Steel & Tube, and his dad’s father worked as an architect on industrial and commercial projects. That said, Taku's career path has by no means been a straight line.

From counting the beat to Autocad

He joined APL in 2015 after studying music production and theory at the Waikato Institute of Technology (‘Wintec’), and his first job was on the shop floor. It was while operating machinery that he first saw Autocad design software in action – and was hooked.

APL has a tradition of helping staff to advance

When his manager asked whether anyone on the team wanted to do 'extra-curricular' training, Taku immediately put his hand up to do an Autocad course at Wintec, which APL paid for. "They want people to improve themselves and to upskill," he says. "That Autocad course directly helped me to get to where I am." 

His role as a draughtsperson involves reviewing architects' plans for a project, then consulting with the fabricator before drawing up the necessary details for the production and installation of APL joinery products. "I really enjoy the technical side, figuring out how things fit and how it will all work," says Taku.

Music is still part of his life

Recently, he formed a covers band. They're just messing around at the moment, but who knows where it will lead. As for his professional life, his plate is full. "For now, there are things I need to learn. I'm happy where I am."

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