Lines of communication

“I love to talk”

Being a chatterbox as a kid might have driven her mother crazy, but it has proved a useful job skill for Genae. The APL customer service rep spends much of her day on the phone with customers, keeping them informed about orders and handling enquiries. “I love to talk, so that helps,” she laughs.

It's about building relationships …

More seriously, it’s the people aspect of the job that appeals. “You see a name on an order, and it’s nice to actually talk to them and put a voice to that name and build a relationship. I’m a people person, and I tend to get along with everybody.”

And communication

She’s also a good listener, a skill she improved as a result of studying communication and journalism at Wintec in the years before she joined APL.

Happy customers

It helps that she’s representing a firm with a reputation for quality products. Those conversations with customers tend to be pretty relaxed. “Like anywhere, things can go wrong, but it’s reassuring that it doesn’t happen very often.”

A tight team

Genae says the close-knit staff is the best part of working at APL. “Everyone gets along,” she says, adding that the customer service team is particularly close. “I love them all, really. It’s a good environment, and we always have a good laugh together.”

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