Villary - an APL veteran

A veteran who has seen the company’s growth first-hand

In his dozen or so years with APL's manufacturing division, Cambodian expat Villary has had up-close experience of the company's rapid growth. More products; more throughput; bigger staff. His explanation for APL's success? Simple: it’s the ongoing commitment to quality. "The customer always comes first."


Villary knows all about long-term service. After moving to Hamilton from Cambodia in the 1980s, he spent 24 years working for a local foundry. When in 2008 his boss took a role at APL, Villary moved with him, initially working on powdercoating, welding and maintenance.

He took to the company’s culture from the start. "Especially coming from the other side of the world and not speaking much English, they were welcoming," he says. "It's a friendly place."

Attention to detail

He now works in the colour-merging team, where his primary job is to apply a woodgrain feature to aluminium entrance doors – although he often gets called in to help with other jobs, such as welding and powdercoating. Like his previous role, the key is attention to detail. "We try our very best to make sure our products are up to standard," he says.

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