Johnelle keeps things humming

Keeping time

Johnelle comes from a musical family. Dad’s a drummer. Her siblings can all keep time or knock out a chord. “I seem to be the only one who can’t play an instrument!,” she laughs. But in her job as APL production coordinator, you could say she keeps things in tune. She follows up on orders, ensures the process stays on track. “I make sure everything is packed and ready to go out that door.”

Always improving

She joined APL’s Finished Goods department in 2017, her first full time job. While working as a packer she made sure to upskill herself, helping out with inspections and getting her forklift licence, among other things.

“APL really pushes us to be the best we can be,” says Johnelle, who is the 2IC for her team. “The company has helped me with heaps of courses. Right now, I’m doing a leadership course, hoping to gain some good leadership skills.”

A family business

She’s got some good support: her younger twin sisters both work for APL, as does her partner and brother-in-law. Although they’re all working in different parts of the business and on varying shifts, they keep in touch on the changeovers.

Just don’t ask her to play music with them.

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