Put it to the test

Always moving forward

We’re so committed to continuous improvement, we’ve built New Zealand’s most sophisticated test booth to keep our products at the leading edge. Designed to put commercial façades and curtain walls through their paces, the new rig is eight metres high and six metres wide, and complements a smaller booth we use for testing our residential product.

An impressive piece of kit

Installed at APL Window Solutions' research, development and testing facility in Hamilton, the purpose-designed and IANZ-accredited booth tests multi-storey windows for air and water penetration and structural integrity. It also incorporates a formidable hydraulic ram for assessing seismic performance.

Belts and braces

Essentially, we can replicate whatever nature can throw at a building. For example, the commercial rig tests three-storey façades to an ultimate wind pressure of 8kPa, which is in excess of the highest New Zealand requirement. Compliance proven – and then some.