Talk about transparency

Talk about transparency

For many companies, innovation is something that happens behind closed doors. Not at APL. Our award-winning Centre of Innovation on a prominent Hamilton site is dominated by a fully glazed façade, a feature that architect Jasmax describes as “lifting the veil” on the inner workings of APL’s research and design hub.

Test-bed for new technology

The Centre is the result of APL’s need to have all the tools and expertise in one space to foster smart thinking and new approaches to problem solving.  It is home to our design and innovation team, and a dedicated research, development and testing facility – including two window test booths.  This “test-bed” for new technology ensures that our window systems are designed and tested to conform to the toughest New Zealand standards.

The ultimate showcase

The building is the ultimate showcase of our innovative mindset. Take, for example, the double skin corner façade that adjoins the main office space. Glazed outside with a thermally improved double-glazed system, and on the inside with APL’s Metro Series ThermalHEART® sliders and channel glazing, the cavity draws in air through underground earth tubes to even out air temperature extremes. Unlike most office environments, while a computerised system operates climate control and venting, our staff are also able to open and close panels to ventilate naturally from the cavity.

Other innovations showcased in the building are an internal curtain wall in APL’s 125mm Flushglaze system, customised office partition glazing and APL’s ThermalHEART® roof windows.

Making an impression

One of APL’s goals in creating the Centre of Innovation was to raise the brand’s profile. Mission accomplished. With its eyecatching façade sliced by 86 vertical aluminium fins (each is illuminated at night by coloured LED downlights), the building has become a Hamilton landmark, recognised with a win in the commercial category of the 2016 New Zealand Institute of Architects regional awards.