The power of the ocean

The power of the ocean

At APL, we understand the power of the ocean, and what it means to our fellow New Zealanders. We play in it. We eat from it. We live by it. It connects us all.

Protect and restore

APL’s founders, the Plaw family and many of our people have long had an affinity with the ocean, spending plenty of time in, on and around it over the years. Through this first-hand experience they have recognised the need to protect our country’s seabed and precious ocean resources from further degradation and environmental threats – many of which we can’t even see.  Kina barrens, climate change, over-fishing and pollution are destroying large parts of our ocean’s ecosystem.

Live Ocean Foundation partnership

That is why APL have partnered with Live Ocean Foundation, to study the effects of these threats and to get behind the important work they support to restore and protect life in our ocean – through science, outreach and innovation. This commitment to restore the health of our natural environments also lines up nicely with APL’s ‘Responsibility Roadmap’ commitment to regenerate living systems.

Project Kahurangi

Two projects that APL are currently focusing on with Live Ocean Foundation are Project Kahurangi and Seascape. Project Kahurangi is New Zealand’s first non-profit marine conservation image library. Phase one of the project has launched with over 800 local, ocean-focused images and videos from northern New Zealand, all for use royalty-free by registered New Zealand conservation charities.


Seascape is a photogrammetry innovation being pioneered by New Zealand Geographic, creating maps and 3D models of the seafloor, similar to Google Street view for the ocean. This technology will be a valuable scientific tool as well as helping to draw public attention to the state of the ocean below the surface. 

Giving back to Kiwis

“Supporting Live Ocean Foundation is a way of us giving back to Kiwis, many of whom support us in business” says Mikayla Plaw, Executive Director, Sustainability for Profile Group (parent company for APL).  “We really wanted to get behind the crucial work Live Ocean are doing – for the greater good, for the people of New Zealand and for future generations.”