The importance of ThermalHEART®

Better for your home

While reducing the environmental impact of construction is a major focus of the building industry, another big focus is on reducing the amount of energy that’s required to run those buildings when they’re completed.

Less efficient buildings require more energy over their lifetimes and 35-50% of a home’s heat is lost from its windows and doors*. APL’s new industry-leading ThermalHEART® technology stops that waste, saves homeowners money and reduces emissions.

Made for our conditions

The New Zealand climate is volatile and variable, with warm subtropical temperatures in the north and severe alpine conditions in the mountains.

All of APL’s products are designed and tested in New Zealand to withstand our harsh conditions and climates, but a few years ago, we decided to take thermal performance up a few notches and started developing a range of cutting-edge aluminium windows and doors.

Innovative technology

ThermalHEART® works by insulating the window system and minimising heat flow through the frame. This helps to keep cool temperatures out in colder months, and decreases solar gain in warmer months. It also reduces the risk of condensation forming and helps create warmer, drier and healthier homes.

By combining ThermalHEART® frames with The AGP System glass, thermal performance is almost double that of standard aluminium joinery and far exceeds the new minimum insulation requirements for housing set out in clause H1 Energy Efficiency of the New Zealand Building Code, which was updated in late 2022. When installed using the innovative Centrafix™ installation method, thermal efficiency is further increased by more than 20%*.

We offer four ThermalHEART® ranges, each share the same core design principals allowing for exceptional versatility across the full range of products. This includes a BRANZ appraised and passive house compliant range; Metro Series ThermalHEART® with Centrafix™.

A high-performance mentality

In addition to APL’s own initiatives to create a more sustainable and circular business, the ThermalHEART® ranges show that we are also leading the way when it comes to the development of more efficient window and door products.

“These releases mark a comprehensive redesign and repositioning of our product portfolio,” says APL Window Solutions CEO Dave Downey. “The tougher H1 standard validated where we thought the industry was heading. We’re proud of our ability to meet industry requirements, at all levels of product performance.”

*Please refer to for all statistical data and references