Curtis’ big picture

All about perspective

On average, Day Shift Mill Team Leader Curtis White walks around 10kms a day. Clocking up anywhere from 24,000 to 28,000 steps, Curtis puts his decade-long experience in the window and door industry to good use every step of the way, helping his team see the bigger picture for safety, quality, service, and productivity targets. Thanks to Curtis’ strong leadership, the team picks up to 20 tonnes of metal per day, with an accuracy rate of 99.8%.

Different strokes

Originally from Invercargill, Curtis had a challenging upbringing. “I wasn’t heading down the right path,” says Curtis. Determined to break the cycle, Curtis opted for a destination 1500 kms away - Hamilton. He stumbled into a manufacturing career by chance, landing a fixed-term contract with APL as part of the Night Shift Mill team. Curtis’ bosses were impressed with his ‘can-do’ attitude, and he was quickly offered a permanent position.

The big picture

In 2015, Curtis and his partner decided to move to Queenstown. Coincidentally, Design Windows Cromwell, part of APL’s manufacturer network, happened to be recruiting. A colleague put Curtis in touch with Design Windows, and Curtis jumped at the opportunity to gain another perspective on the industry and develop new skills and knowledge.

“I always wanted to see the bigger picture,” says Curtis.

Family First

In 2016, Curtis moved back to Hamilton and rejoined the APL family, making the most of the skills he picked up while working for Design Windows Cromwell. From there, he transitioned into the role of Night Shift Inwards Goods Team Leader, passing along his knowledge to the next generation of employees at APL.

Curtis and his real family have always felt supported by his APL whānau. Following the birth of his daughter, working nights was no longer suitable for Curtis and his family, so his bosses at APL supported his transition to dayshifts.

The opportunities are endless

Reflecting on the places he’s been, Curtis believes that opportunities are endless if you have the right mindset.

“If you have the right mindset, there will be no shortage of opportunities available. Be patient, be humble, and good things will come to you.”

For Curtis, this forward-thinking continues every day, as he plays an essential part in the Warehouse Operations leadership group.

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