An aligned future with Toitū

Transparent accountability

Saying you’re sustainable is easy. Proving it is hard.

When it comes to charting progress, we can’t mark our own homework. Independent assessments and accreditations are crucial and that’s why we’re working closely with Toitū Envirocare, one of the country’s leading carbon certification organisations.

Toitū uses science-based tools, actions and evidence to support businesses reducing their carbon footprint – and then it recognises them for the effort. More than 800 businesses have gone through its certification programmes since 2001 and compliance is independently verified annually to maintain certification.

Years in the making

We started the journey with Toitū in 2021 and analysed greenhouse gas emissions across the whole supply chain. This assessment provided a baseline, to understand where to focus our emission reduction efforts.

To get there, the focus is on energy - securing renewable electricity and improving efficiency - optimising transportation networks (58% of the truck fleet is ranked Euro 6, the highest international standard for exhaust emissions), and reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill by 80%. Toxic materials are also being eliminated from the supply chain and there is also potential to develop products and coatings with solar power potential.


“We were required to provide data for all emissions during that lifecycle, including raw materials, components, production of the product and distribution. Data was collected from all our internal company suppliers, land use data across all sites, facts around packaging, and data from our over 75 window manufacturer sites.'' - Bex McQueen, PGL Sustainability Project Manager.

An ongoing journey

All Toitū programme members are expected to set ambitious carbon reduction targets and demonstrate reductions within a six-year time frame, if not before. Any emissions that are unable to be entirely removed can be offset to achieve a neutral balance through verified carbon credit schemes.

The certified Residential Series ThermalHEART® and Metro Series ThermalHEART® windows and doors are available nationwide and comply with NZBC clause H1 Energy Efficiency (all climate zones) when used in conjunction with high performing Low-E double glazing. They include thermal breaks for maximum performance — glass fibre-reinforced polyamide inserts.

The certified ranges include: